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My name is Nikki and I have severe endometriosis. It’s been suspected quite a while now, but only in 2020 did it break out so bad, that I had crippling pains, I was admitted to the ER. After multiple tests and month and month of my condition getting worse to the point it was so bad, that some organs stopped working, I had to get extensive surgery. Endometriosis was found on four different organs and on a nerve down into my right leg. 


I’ve been recovering from two massive operations since mid 2020 and on my journey have read and learnt so much about this chronic illness, as well as other inflammatory illnesses. Nutrition plays a very large part in it. 


I’ve been eating vegan since a couple of years before I was diagnosed. So when the doctors told me, I need to cut out meat and dairy products from my diet to keep my inflammatory level low, I thought this can’t be true. I’ve been eating healthy, no meat, no dairy for years. Why do I have such a high stage endometriosis, if nutrition is key in keeping it at bay?


After doing so much research, I learnt, that even though I do eat a plant-based diet, it’s not necessary an anti-inflammatory diet. And that so many illnesses thrive off on inflammatory food. 


So I’ve decided to actually put the CURE part into the VEGAN CURE blog and so I’ll be sharing all my favorite recipes, which are healthy, dairy free, meat free and wheat free. The recipes I’ve added before my endo-journey and are not wheat free are marked prominently at the beginning of the post. 


I do want to mention that I am not a doctor or a nutritional expert and that these recipes help me in MY individual situation with my illness. I really hope it does help you too. What I do recommend on doing, is starting a food journal. It will take a lot of time, but track everything, and I mean every ingredient, you eat. And I promise, you’ll find a pattern there pretty soon. 


Read more about anti-inflammatory foods and why they are good for you.

Read more about the endo-diet. 

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