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6 Vegan eateries in Stockholm

Stockholm really surprised us with all it has to offer. Not only is it beautiful, vibrant and exciting, they also have quite a lot of vegan restaurants or options. So of course we were super excited.

After arriving at Arlanda Airport, take the Arlanda Express into the city. It’s the fastest and cheapest way in. The train will go up to 200 km/h and will cross through the countryside of Sweden. It’s a small but very nice glimpse of Swedens landscape. And if you book your ticket in advance online (like 90 days, 60 days or 30 days) you’ll get a discount and can just print the e-ticket at home. No need for queuing at the ticket machine (there wasn’t really a queue when we arrived, but you never know, right?).

As soon as you’re in town, everything is walkable (if you like exploring) or using the tube. We recommend using the tube at least once, cause it’s something you don’t see every day. More about the Tunnelbana further below under “Must see in Stockholm”. But first we want to show you our favourite eateries.

Best vegan food in Stockholm

6. Lebanon Meza Lounge

Lebanese food is amazing! Though this place isn't full on vegan, they have many vegan options on the menu. Mezze is always a good choice, especially all the different kinds of hummus. Let's be honest: Who doesn't love hummus?

5. Greasy Spoon

This place was a super tip from a friend. You need to get there on time, as you can't make any reservations. The place get's pretty crowded around 11 am and there is quite a long waiting line. But it's so worth it. We really enjoyed the avo-toast and the vegan pancakes with maple syrup.

4. Waipo Stockholm

We booked at this place due to its great reviews on Tripadvisor. When we saw, that it's located right on the main shopping street, we were a bit put off. Both of us rather prefer some laid back, chilled and unconventional restaurants. But anyway, we book a table so we went. And we were surprised how delicious everything was! The dumplings and the main tofu dish were AMAZING! If we'd have stayed another night, we would have come back here.

3. Snickarbacken 7 Cafe

Snickarbacken is hidden away in a side alley and is a café and small shop combined. There's not too much to choose from, but what they have is great. We had a spinach smoothie bowl and again - of course - avo toast. This was a great place to get away from the touristy spots of town. And what we really loved, was the fresh ginger-peppermint tea!

2. Falafelbaren

YUM! But be there at noon sharp! Cause it fills up with all the locals for lunch. And it's almost impossible to find a place to sit, if it's not sunny and warm outside. Falafelbaren is a bustling place, the guys behind the counter are super authentic and the falafels are top of the notch. Watch out, they are only open till 7pm.

1. Hälsocafet

Now this place is heaven for vegans! EVERYTHING is vegan! You can just grab a wrap and keep on exploring the city, or you can sit out on their patio in the courtyard and enjoy a but of sunshine. We actually stuffed ourselfs at this place, cause there are so many delicious options. They have buddah bowls, smoothie bowls, plates like shown in the picture, wraps, the BEST sweet potato fries in all of Stockholm AND - wait for it - FREE AVOCADO TOAST! Definately our number 1 in Stockholm. But watch out, it's also only open till 7pm.

So this was a short summary about our amazing city trip up to the North! We can't wait to visit again :) Hej!

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