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Quick Apple Beetroot Smoothie

A quick and healthy smoothie with just as much vegetables as fruit: that’s what we love on a Sunday before a good run. It’s sweet and even a bit spicy due to the raw beetroot. This smoothie is packed with vitamins and we love to top it off with some healthy chia and amaranth.

There are a million possible ways to create a perfect smoothie. But fruit smoothies alone just don’t provide all the nutrients you’ll need. And let’s be honest a fruity smoothie is just more fun than a veggie smoothie. Our secret on getting the taste of a sweet smoothie but actually adding more veggies is cauliflower. Yep! That’s it. Our magic ingredient. ‘Cause it has no taste at all.

Did you know, that beetroot will help you whilst doing cardio? It’ll make more blood pump through your veins. That is why we love powering up on a beetroot smoothie. Give it a try – it’ll help you go that extra kilometer.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Serves 2 people


1 red apple

2 oranges

2 small raw beetroots

150g cauliflower

8 strawberries

1/3 juice of a fresh lime

4 peppermint leaves

2 tablespoons oat milk

How to

1. Chop up all the igredients

2. Add to mixer

3. Mix

4. Enjoy

We like to ad some amaranth and chia seeds to give it some texture. If you like to drink your smoothie, just add a bit more oat milk. If you prefer smoothie bowls, make sure to use as little oat milk as possible, to give it a thick texture. If you're enjoying the smoothie as a bowl, add some chocolate chips, granola and berries. Too good to be true 😊

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