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Island Vibes – Vegan Guide for Ibiza

Aktualisiert: 15. Apr. 2020

What comes to mind, when you hear Ibiza? Sun, summer, sandy beaches, beautiful bays? You’re spot on. Ibiza is the Caribbean of Europe. It’s the perfect mixture of nature, party and hippie. All in one. So of course this little island had a magical draw for us and we’ve always wanted to go.

Dario planned and organized the whole trip as a birthday surprise for me. I had no idea, that we were gonna go and was totally surprised and overwhelmed when we stood in front of the gate, ready for boarding. We’re going to Ibiza for the weekend! What better way to celebrate a 30thbirthday?!

Upon arrival we took a taxi to Ibiza town from the airport. Apparently getting a rental car at the airport is insane and can take up to 4 hours. As we arrived on Friday night – beginning of holiday season in Europe, we were not gonna wait for that car for 4 hours. So we queued in a massively long line for a taxi, as planes arrive every couple of minutes. We were very surprised, that this taxi-line was extremely well organized and it took us only about 15 minutes till we got one and it took us right to our Airbnb.

And guys – this was the view from our room, respective our bed! It can’t get any better right?

If you’re looking for tips on what to do during a long weekend in Ibiza – check out this post.

Top places to eat

It’s always an adventure to find vegan options in a foreign country – especially one that’s specialized on seafood. We’ve been to all these places and can truly recommend all the dishes we had.

Simbiosis, Ibiza Old Town After checking in at our Airbnb, we headed right out again for a late dinner. Dario found this place called Simbiosis in the old town of Ibiza. It’s such a great place with a full vegan menu! Everything is vegan! I’m telling you – we were in heaven! And look at the furniture and decoration of this place. So authentic and cool. We loved it. It was quite a hassle to pick something to eat from so many delicious options. As vegans, we usually don't get to choose... ;-) We ordered a red bean burger and some tacos. Both extremely good.

And if there are so many vegan options, the dessert menu will be vegan as well. YAY! So of course we stuffed ourselves with two massive pieces of cake. Delicious!

Superbueno * Feel Food

After sleeping in, we headed out for a super healthy and extremely good breakfast. We had some freshly pressed detox juices and these damn good açai bowls! More please! Apparently the granola is homemade and it was delightful. They also offer a vegan detox breakfast and have some smoothie bowls on their menu.

Wild Beets

This birthday dinner was the best I’ve ever had! If you’re in Ibiza and only can choose one place to go – go here!! This place is also full vegan! And they are extremely creative with their menu. The food is absolute five star and the location is really cool (but you’ll need a car to get there).

Also having problems choosing from a full card, we opted for quite a lot of food: We had some Avocado cannelloni and veggie-sushi rolls as starters. And as a main we had the macro bowl with an insanely delicious dressing and a raw zucchini lasagna filled with cashew-ricotta. I’d go back right now if I could and have another plate!

Natural Pau

For lunch the next day we went to San Antoni to a place called Natural Pau, cause it was highly recommended. It was especially recommended for vegan options. The place was nice and we really enjoyed the outdoor seating and garden area. But the vegan options are limited. They had 3 vegan options and quite a lot of meat dishes. So we ordered the vegan pizza and the hummus platter. The food was okay – nothing to get too excited about. But the juices are great.

Apparently there is another place in San Antoni which is 100% vegan. Both of us said, we would go there next time. We just didn’t go there because they only have indoor seating and the weather was too good to sit inside.

Brunch at Passion WOW! One of the best brunch places we’ve ever been too. They have soooo many vegan options! Loved the location in a small town called San Josep.

o where do we start?! Shall we eat anything for the rest of the day or should we just order so much food and get our calories in one meal? Yea….. We ordered a lot! The waiter was a bit shocked…. Also, that we did eat everything. We had some amazing tofu scramble with veggies and turmeric. YUM! Then we ordered the green goddess breakfast sandwich, which was a perfect combination of avocado, vegan mayo an insanely delicious bun, some spinach, cucumbers, chia and seeds. I’m telling you… this combo!

And to top it all off, we had the peanut butter and jam pancakes with a cashew tofu whip. This was the best part! Could I get another plate please???

This place also has a big card with juices and smoothies. Very delicious.

So that was our food adventure in Ibiza. Now to burn all those calories we ate, we did some exploring.

Hope you’ll find this helpful for your vegan travel adventures :-)

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