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Vegan Tips for Munich

April was amazing. The weather was fantastic! We had the warmest April since weather recording. Even though this is a side effect from global warming – we did enjoy the afternoons out in the sun on our terrace.

One weekend in April we went on a short little city trip to Munich. It’s a 4 hour drive from Zurich, so you’re there pretty quickly. As a vegan you can’t just waltz into restaurants and hope for them to have clever food options. You need to do your research before you go. Especially if you’re like me. When I’m hungry, I’m hangry. I’ll need food quickly! So it’s easier to be prepared than having to march through a foreign city looking for cruelty free food. Except of course you opt for French fries…. But hey, I love trying out vegan restaurants.

As we were there for only two nights, we weren’t able to try out too much. But Munich has a lot to offer. So cool! So I’ve decided to write about the places we’ve tried and the places I’ve research, so you’d have a bit more choices, if you’re planning a trip to Munich.


I think I died and woke up in heaven! This place is FANTASTIC! It’s exactly how I would do it. The ambience is so cool! It’s very "German Biergarten" style but also has so many cool vegan signs. I had to laugh at every single one of them. They play this awesome rock music from the ‘90s and ‘00s and all the waiters are tattooed and just super chill. My kind of people. Then we got the menu… I don’t know where to start! They have so many delicious options. All 100% vegan!

We started off with some Chilli “Cheeeze” Nuggets and some Buffalo Wings (made with cauliflower). SO DAMN GOOD!

Then I had this great vegan tempeh burger with sweet potato fries:

It’s filled with marinated Tempeh tossed in a pumpkin-chickpea mix, some guacamole cause guacamole goes with everything, sweet chili sauce, mango sauce, Jalapenos, tomatoes, red onions and some salad. Yum, yum yum!

Unfortunately there was no room left for dessert. Even though it sounded amazing, I probably would have gone for the starters again :-)

I’d give this place a 5 star rating, cause it’s just authentic, delicious and 100% vegan. I think I’d drive the 4 hours up to Munich, just for dinner at this place!

After dinner, we wanted to walk back to our hotel. We passed the legendary Wiesen where usually they have the Octoberfest. Since a couple of years now, the Bavarians feel like they need more reason to celebrate and have introduced the spring fest. It’s like the Octoberfest, just a bit smaller. But everybody dresses up in Dirndl and Lederhosen, they have all the rides and of course the beer tents. We were there just shortly before closing and the atmosphere was really cool. It was a great addition to our trip.

Back to business...

Rebella Bex

This place was our lunch stop. It’s located in an inner courtyard and is only open during lunch hours till I think about 4pm. Let me check… Nope, till 5pm. They have delicious bowls, wraps and cakes. All 110% vegan, according to the dynamic dude behind the counter. I went for the wrap, cause I can’t say no to wraps. And it was probably one of the best wraps I’ve had in my entire life. Drooling right now while writing this….

Also, I really loved the vibe in this place. They have a yoga studio right next to the bar / food counter and everybody is really relaxed and happy. This vibe slops over on you. This place is a definite go to place for a quick lunch while in Munich.

These are the places which I researched and would have loved to try, but couldn’t. So no guarantee here….

Max Pett

All vegan restaurant which doesn’t serve alcohol. I like this concept. It’s a bit pricier than other places but the menu sounds amazing and high class. I would have loved to go here and eaten myself through the whole menu. Vegan meals can be super fancy. I think this place would prove it.

Oh baby I like it raw

It’s a bit further off from all the shopping districts, so we weren’t able to make it. They have a vintage vibe going. Apparently they do offer vegetarian food and some options with meat and fish. But they always have vegan options and vegan cakes. It should be a good place for a brunch.


Oriental food…. There’s nothing more to say than: I LOVE HUMMUS! All the options where meat and dairy is not declared on are vegan. So dig in! I also think the interior of the restaurant looks super nice.

Have you found a good place to eat in Munich? Let us know…. Cause we’ll definitely be going back. Also if you're doing a city trip, we also have tips for Vegan in Stockholm right here.

Have a fantastic day!

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