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Vegan Party Weekend

To start this off, our friends organized the best bachelor / bachelorette weekend for us. In Budapest! How cool is that!?

As Dario and I both love Budapest, it was the perfect destination. And there’s so much to do there, apart from the partying of course.

So as we’re getting hitched in August, our friends started organising this weekend. We had no clue, what was about to happen, where we’d end up and on and on. Also travelling as a vegan needs to be prepared. And trusting on our non-vegan friends to be able to find vegan-friendly places was – let’s put it this way: stressful. But hey, our friends are amazing and the respected our way of living and therefore arranged an amazing, eventful AND vegan weekend.

We all flew out together and spent the first evening together as a group. They made reservations at this great Lebanese restaurant. On Saturday, the guys and girls split up and therefore we can give you double the amount of tips where to dig into vegan goodness. Sorry, but we don’t have any brunch tips for Sunday, as we weren’t able to get up after a long night of dancing. But still, here we go with some recommendations.

Vegan Love What a brilliant name for a vegan restaurant. It’s a tiny little place and we almost marched right past it. This place was crazy and packed at 3pm. But as the girls just did some sports, we were all hungry and craved some soul food. And as I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect vegan hot dog since going vegan, I was so excited to try these. Let me make it short: They were PERFECT! I’d plan my next city trip to Budapest again, just for this cool place!

Padthai Wokbar

Actually, this place was not on our list on this city trip. But we’ve been to Budapest before in October 2016 and we had dinner at this food chain a couple of times. It’s quick, delicious and healthy. The juices are so refreshing and the meals can be built as you like them. The food is super light, but you’ll be more than satisfied.


This is the place we all had dinner on our first night. They have a large selection of cold and warm mezze and some salads and main dishes. They explicitly say you can have most of the vegetarian dishes in a vegan variation. Just remember to tell the person serving you. Dario and me shared some vegan baba ganoush, hummus, some crazy delicious cauliflower marinated in a tahini sauce and some roasted pumpkin seeds, some Pkhali (Georgian spinach and beetroot balls with pomegranate seeds and walnuts) as well as the best fries AKA za’atar fries.

Our friends had a variety of meat and vegetarian options. So if you go with a group, this place is the go to place, so that everybody is happy.

Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop This is an all vegan restaurant. EVERYTHING on the card is vegan. So I was completely confused on what to order. Usually we get to choose from one or two options. So choosing from like 20…. I just wanted all of the dishes. We ended up ordering a couple of dishes and sharing everything. We had some falafel plates and some typical Hungarian style dishes. The mashed potatoes were awesome as well. And the vegan ice cream… heaven! I can really recommend the peanut ice cream. Mixing sweet and salty? Put me down for that! The pictures are not Insta-worthy or super pretty, but hey, the food was great - and that's more important. Isn't it?

London Coffee Society

The avo toast was spot on. Delicious. What more do you want? They also offer banana bread. All the coffees can be ordered with plant based milk. So they are very open towards vegans.

Budapest is not only great for vegan food (WE WILL BE BACK SOON!) - it is also a crazy beautiful city and big party location!

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