What is Vegan

Veganism is basically choosing not to consume any animal products and therefore excluding all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty. But why go vegan? There are different reasons people choose to go vegan. 



A plant-based lifestyle has many benefits for your health as it reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetics, cancer, obesity, etc. Eating a wholefood plant-based diet means to take care of you physical and mental health. It helps clear your skin, keep a balanced weight and is the best way to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. But what about the legendary protein deficiency vegans have? Read more here, why we do not suffer any deficiency, if we see to a balanced diet – as is the same in any other diet, by the way. 



Exploiting animals just for food seems wrong, if you think about it properly. They are caged, raped and slaughtered just so we can enjoy a meal we’ll forget within a couple of minutes after consuming. The human body does not need to consume animal products – so why treat something that is alive and is proven to have emotions – just as humans – in such a gruesome way. 



Animal agriculture is on top of the list for our global environmental problem. One of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to avoid animal products. Do you know, how much water it takes to make a burger? How much fish are being pulled out of the ocean daily, which are just by-catch? And what this does to our oceans? Or how much deforestation is being done to make room for the animal agricultural farms? It’s not only the nitrous oxide emissions, the methane emissions and the carbon dioxide emissions we’re talking about. It’s our forests, our oceans, our water supply. Read more about the environmental impact here.


You might think we’re hypocrites to say we care about the environment and still travel to explore the world. Sure, it’s not ideal at all to fly across the globe to get to know new cultures. But we do our best to limit our travels to a minimum and therefore relinquish all animal products to be able to do our part in helping the environment. 

Is veganism just a trend?

Veganuary, #’s on Instagram, Vegan cookbooks as bestsellers: Everybody’s talking about it. 2018 seems to be the year for vegans. Not only did and does the amount of vegans worldwide increase massivly. But also there a continously more options for vegans such as in restaurants, fast food lunch spots, groceries and in personal hygiene.

Sure, Dario and I weren’t the first to go vegan. We’re also a part of this movement. But it’s finally a good trend. One to be proud to be part of. And thank God veganism is a trend! You’re not only doing your body a favor, but mostly the environment and the animals. And you wanna know what else is good about this trend? It educates! Even if people don’t feel like acutally changing their nutrition to a plant based diet, they at least start thinking about what they eat.

We’ve made the experience, that in the beginning of last year, when we told our family and friends we went vegan, the feedback was shock, disgust, calling us crazies. But as this last year passed by, more and more of our friends actually came forward and started asking us questions about our nutrition and wanted to try what we cooked. They were all super surprised, how good it tasts and were open to discussing the matter. Some of them even stopped eating meat and dairy products due to the conversations we had. So, as you can see, the subject “veganism” is gaining more and more acceptance.


A massiv indicator for this healthy trend is that famous athletes are going vegan and are reporting great success. Fore example: More and more NBA players are acutally switching and are improving their game. A lot of VIP’s are spokesmen for veganism and doctors are finally saying it is a healthy lifestyle.


We’ve gathered some facts as an overwiew.

6 simple steps: Starting off as a vegan

Changing your regular diet to a plant based diet can be quite challenging. There is quite a lot you need to think about in advance and a casual lunch out with your co-workers isn't as simple anymore. You need to fight yourself through the menu to find something you actually want to eat.


Also, going to the grocery story isn't as simple as it used to be. Right? Wrong!
It's just a simple as any other diet!


A lot of people start reducing and cutting out certain foods. They start off with not eating any meat anymore, than stopping with dairy products and finally cutting out eggs. We had a totally different approach: We had Schnitzels and Cheesecake the night before we decided to go full on vegan. Just like that, from one day to another. You need to decide for yourselves which way is more suitable for you. But I know, if I'd gone the slow way, I'd probably wouldn't have made it.


Ok, so you've decided to go vegan. How do you do it? It's only a question about organization. When going vegan, we emptied all our cupboards and read every single food lable of every single product (Ok... not every product - cheese and meat were kinda obvious...!). Then we planned our menu for a whole week with a vegan cookbook we bought. We can really recommend starting off with Attila Hildmanns "Vegan to Go" as it has fun vegan recipes. In a next step we went to the grocery store and spent like 2 hours shopping for food. Again, we read every single lable. Let's be honest: You always grab the same prodcuts, cause you know you like them. Well, it's the same with vegan products. As soon as you know what's vegan, you'll be just as quickly through the shops as before. So all it takes is two additional hours and there you go: You've transferred your household to a vegan household. No more temptation.


Now the most important tip, if you do not live in California or some place else, where there are a ton of vegan restaurants: Pack your lunch! It'll make your life so much easier. A lot of our friends say that they'd love to go vegan, but they don't want to meal prep. Well, if you're cooking dinner anyways, just cook four portions instead of two. Et voilà. Your lunch is prepared. AND! A homecooked meal has so many benefits, most importantly: You know what's in it. No convenience products.


Okay, so you've tried being vegan for a while now, but it's getting complicated and/or difficult to keep yourself motivated. You wanna know why: Cause dairy has addictive components. Meat has antibiotics ans hormons in it. You need to get these out of your system to stop craving them.  We found the best motivation is research. We watched three documentaries on Netflix and read a LOT of articles. You won't be able to go back after that, even if you'd want to. It'll definately keep you going, once you know the truth.


So let's recap


For changing your lifestyle and feeling awesome you need to:

  1. Empty out all food in your cupboards - yes, even the bouillon. Read the lables!

  2. Give away everything with meat and dairy components in it

  3. Buy yourself a cool vegan cookbook and plan your meals for a week

  4. Go grocery shopping and read every single lable of every product you pick up

  5. Meal prep and take your lunch to work

  6. Stay motivated and informed with Netflix documentaries and other articles


Vegan Netflix Documentaries


We recommend:

  1. Forks over Knives

  2. Food Choices

  3. What the Health

  4. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


If you need any tips or motivation, we'll be happy to help you out. Just contact us. We look forward to your message.